My name is Minhhy Le, you can call me MJ. I am a Freelance Graphic Designer since 2013 based in Charleston, South Carolina. I love logo design, layout design and designing marketing materials; such as print advertising, package design, branding, etc.


Freelance Graphic Designer @ Juvo+ | Monrovia, CA

03/2018 – Present

After showing my creatives to Juvo+, they hire me as a Freelancer. There are a lot of graphic design projects I work with. This is a great team. I absolutely learn valuable lessons about handling time and projects through their professional program..

Art Director @ Craft Creative | Charleston, SC

04/2015 – 10/2017

Starting my tenure with Craft as a Graphic Designer Intern, I designed all of their marketing materials. After showing Craft the value in hiring me as a Graphic Designer and then an Art Director, I’ve since been in charge of all of the graphic design projects including traditional, digital and social media; website design; SEO/SEM services, as well as photography and videos editing. Understanding about Google Analytics, print production and negotiating with vendors and reps is a good part of my career. I love working at Craft Creative because of the great group of professionals that make up the creative team.

Senior Art Intern @ Charleston Magazine | Charleston, SC

11/2014 – 03/2015

Art Intern @ Charleston Magazine | Charleston, SC

11/2013 – 02/2014

I learned the creative process of a magazine company by working directly with the creative department of a local magazine. Also, helped design editorial pages with designers. I obtained experience in editing images, taking photos, setting up photo shoots, and designing layouts.

Event Coordinator @ SIFE Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

05/2010 – 06/2011

SIFE Vietnam is a non-profit organization for the student who creates projects for the community. I love to work with them because they have huge energy and enthusiasm to help slow businesses running again. I am proud to be a part of their team and hope for our community to be better.

Marketing Intern @ American Airline | Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

01/2010 – 05/2010

I learned the first marketing strategies when I worked there. This was a good beginning in the Marketing career. I met the best boss ever who recognized that Graphic Design is my potential. Then, he suggested me to change my major. And, it works until now, I am a Graphic Designer.























Trident Technical College
AAS in Commercial Graphic
Graphic Design

2012 – 2014

​I studied for 5 semesters at Trident Technical College where I studied another discipline Graphic Design. I love art and I wanted to incorporate art in marketing materials. This passion encouraged me to start taking Graphic Design classes. I then recognized graphic design is not only my dream job but also the part of my life. I believe that my background in Business and Graphic Design work well together, helping me understand and assess what my clients need.

University of Economics HCMC
BS in Business Administration 
International Business

2006 – 2010

I had 4 wonderful years in college studying International Business. I loved Global Marketing and Accounting Management, which I achieved the maximum grade. I also studied International Financial Management, Foreign Market Entry and Growth, Exporting and Importing, Business Operation in American, Asia, Europe or Africa, etc. Learning more in these academic disciplines helped me understand business around the world and its nuances.

Trident Technical College
Certificate in Applied Science
Computer Graphics

2012 – 2014

I earned The Computer Graphics certificate when I studied Commercial Graphics degree at TTC. These classes gave me an opportunity for working or desiring to work in electronic publishing to acquire the skills necessary for employment in the publishing industry. I was trained on a wide variety of software packages running on both PC and Macintosh platforms.

Trident Technical College
Certificate in Applied Science
Multimedia Design

2012 – 2014

I had classes about the design, development and production of educational and business interactive multimedia applications. I earned this certificate while in TTC as well.



Founder + Inspiration Lead  @ Hyle Creative | Charleston, SC

01/2013 – Present

I built this creative firm to be able to work for myself. I’ve designed websites, created logos for various organizations, designed layouts, and marketing materials, created graphics, branding/re-branding as well as taken, edited and corrected photos. I help businesses and non-profit organizations across the states by marketing and advertising abilities. I am proud to be a part of their teams to make their appearance sharp and professional.

I have a passion for learning ways to design and new concepts and I take it upon myself to learn from co-workers and friends. In order to gain inspiration for a project, I find myself listening to music and drowning out background noises. It is in this time that I am able to do my best work, without distraction.

While I am able to answer questions about my ideas and design inspiration, I prefer to let my work speak for itself. Like me, I want my work to be simple, yet impactful.


Board of Directors @ Beautiful Gate Center | Charleston, SC

05/2018 – Present

Beautiful Gate Center is a non–profit organization serves individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders who are inadequately served in existing public and private special education programs due to the individuals’ need for a broader range of more intensive learning supports than those traditional environments offer. I handle all graphic design, web design, print production, photography, social media projects and fundraising events. I hope we can build a better place for special needs children and their families.

Business Mentor @ SCORE | Charleston, SC

05/2018 – Present

SCORE is a non–profit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. I am a certified mentor to help small local businesses to run smoothly and make their businesses to be sharper within my abilities in Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing, and Advertising.

Freelance Graphic Designer @ Stingray Branding | Charleston, SC

05/2018 – Present

I love to work with Stingray Branding's team where I can maximize my potentials in graphics, negotiation, and communication. I handle graphic design projects, especially logo designs which is my best ability. Besides doing typical works, I help to manage business meetings in Mount Pleasant and North Charleston, SC where I can share and receive experiences from business professionals.

Chief Inspiration Officer @ BHUUMI | Charleston, SC

02/2019 – Present

Bhuumi is a non–profit organization who creates and operates a truly Infinite Portal to the Internet, give away all profits, and fulfill our vision of empowering everyone. With Bhuumi there will be no billionaire CEO, no fat salaries, no vacuuming of all the wealth to an elite and privileged few. The concept to “give back” will be redefined because Bhuumi will give all net earnings to charity as compared to the world’s present corporations. The Bhuumi's appearance is my main responsibility.

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